Industrial Electricians

Rose City electric co specializes in providing highly professional industrial electricians for all sort of electrical industrial needs. Our motivated and hardworking industrial electricians can work in any sort of industrial and commercial setting and are equipped with complete technical knowledge and skills which are required to produce intricate and proficient electrical work.

If you are looking for an industrial electrician you can rely on the services and staff provided by Rose City electric Co. We have been providing electrical services in the Portland area since 1946 and pride ourselves in offering highly specialized and expert services. Since an industrial workplace requires prompt and immediate action and time is of essence in such situations we assure you of complete proficiency and prompt service.

Services Provided By Our Industrial Electricians

These services can range anywhere from working from scratch in industrial settings to repairing or doing maintenance work in industrial venues. A few examples of our industrial electrical services include:
  • Installation services
  • Repairing old wiring or renovating old wiring
  • Installing conduits and fixtures in industrial settings
  • Installing large generators
  • Installation and trouble shooting of large machines and generators
  • Installation and maintenance of communication and all kind of data systems
  • Provide emergency stand by options in case of power failure or power outages.
  • Installation and maintenance of transformers and regulators.
  • And More

Reliable And Professional Industrial Electricians

We at Rose City Electric Co guarantee you that the staff which we recruit is licensed and professional to the core. There are no unskilled staff employed with us and each of our hardworking individuals believe in providing a good quality and reliable service. A few reasons why you can trust our industrial electricians to handle all your big projects:
  • All the staff is licensed to practice in the electrical niche and profession.
  • Our industrial electricians can trouble shoot all the electrical needs or problems which may arise in an industrial setting.
  • Have a well planned agenda for handling all sort of electrical needs in case of emergencies.
  • Are equipped with the right tools and the ability to work consistently in all sorts of work spaces.
  • Are also up to date with all sort of electrical and technological developments.
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